Working Safely In The Big Freeze

We are all seeing the stories of snow covered roads, stranded motorists and people braving snow storms to get to the office. These are all ordinary risks associated with living in the UK, where we get bad weather, freezing winds from the Arctic, and icy cold fronts blowing over from Siberia. Or are they? Is … Continued

How To Connect Remote Workers In Different Locations

As Providers of VoIP, we manage communications for many different styles of office set-up. One of the most challenging set-ups to tackle and manage, is one for a larger company operating from many disparate locations. There are a few challenges with such a set-up, including keeping everyone in the team connected, and ensuring calls coming … Continued

Never Miss A Message

Traditionally, a person who tried to call you when you were busy left a message on the device they phoned you on. This is the way things have worked up to now, and the way most of us have become used to working.   But – is there a better way?   Using a VoIP … Continued

Make The Best Use Of Your Internet Connection – Use VoIP

There can be very few companies who could operate without an internet connection.   Accountancy platforms, CRM systems and file-sharing websites have all become essential for modern businesses, and they all have one thing in common. They all rely on an internet connection.   As we are so reliant on our connection in order to … Continued

<a href="/blog/2011/06/28/today-ive-forgotten-my-mobile-what-are-my-options-using-surevoip">Today I’ve forgotten my mobile, what are my options using SureVoIP?</a>

Hi all, Gavin here (owner of SureVoIP). Today I’ve made the classic mistake of leaving home with out my mobile (I use an Android smartphone). I feel totally naked! What are my options then? Turn around and get it, but be late for a meeting with our PR company Buy a new Pay As You … Continued