The AGCC Ultimate Business Show

Fancy finding out more about VoIP from your local, independent specialist? Come and meet us at this year’s AGCC Ultimate Business Show to find out more. Ask our friendly and experienced staff anything, from how VoIP works, to which options are best for your company. The Ultimate Business Show brings together a variety of businesses … Continued

Innovating For Success

Covering the start of our company, the thinking behind it and the drive moving us forward, the feature in today’s Press and Journal provides a great insight into SureVoIP®. It tells the intriguing story of how our MD, Gavin Henry, found himself in the position of starting Scotland’s only independent VoIP Provider.   Gavin Henry … Continued

Working Safely In The Big Freeze

We are all seeing the stories of snow covered roads, stranded motorists and people braving snow storms to get to the office. These are all ordinary risks associated with living in the UK, where we get bad weather, freezing winds from the Arctic, and icy cold fronts blowing over from Siberia. Or are they? Is … Continued

Find The Right VoIP Provider For You in Three Easy Steps

Choosing a VoIP Provider requires some thought as to the end result you wish to achieve. Having a clear idea in your mind as to what you actually want from your phone system helps to clarify the choices available from different Providers. We work with many different companies from different stages of the VoIP-knowledge, from … Continued

24/7 emergency customer support and Christmas holidays 2017

The SureVoIP office will be closed for normal business on: Monday 25th December Tuesday 26th December Monday 1st January Tuesday 2nd January There will be limited email only support on: Wednesday 27th December Thursday 28th December Friday 29th December We will re-open on Wednesday 3rd January 2018. If you have an emergency support requirement you … Continued

How To Avoid Downtime When Changing Providers

The prospect of changing VoIP Providers holds a deep fear for many users. It is a legitimate fear, not an irrational phobia or fit of hysterical anxiety. We could call this fear ‘Number Phobia’. Anyone who has considered a change of VoIP Provider can suffer from it. Bouts can come on suddenly, and disappear, or … Continued

Sound Amazing!

There are a number of ways in which companies try to impress customers. A gaudy, illuminated sign over a shop window, for instance, lets everyone in the street know where they are. Or an expensive reception desk, in a polished wood carved from the heart of an endangered tree somewhere. But there is an option … Continued

The Top Three Concerns People Have Over Moving to VoIP

Many people are considering the move to VoIP, but as with any unknown there can be some concerns. As a VoIP Provider dealing with the business end of the market, we recognise that not all our customers or potential customers will have the same level of knowledge or passion for the subject as ourselves. After … Continued

Staying In Touch Via Text

There are now officially a multitude of ways in which companies can stay in touch with their customers. Email, of course, is great. Widely used, reliable, and easy to use. Phones – another good one. Make contact with the individual in person, and add in the human touch of tone of voice. Then there are … Continued

The Benefits Of Speaking To Each Other

At SureVoIP we are really looking forward to the forthcoming Granite City Expo. The chance to meet those we know. The chance to get to know people new to us. One of the major advantages of actually talking to people is you get a far better feel for them. How they use language. Their tone … Continued