I’m sure all our customers are aware of our 2021 acquisition by TelcoSwitch, but anyone who missed that can see more here:


Since then we have been working hard to integrate our services with the larger group, to take on new products and services and ensure continued evolution of the services we provide to new and existing customers.

There has been a lot of knowledge-sharing across the group, and Gavin and the Technical Team at SureVoIP have contributed hugely to developments and how services are delivered.

We now have access to a larger range of assets and staff knowledge, as our access to knowledge and development capabilities has only grown after joining a larger group.

As a result, we will be migrating to a new and improved VoIP platform in the near future. This will mean no unwanted change to our customers, as our Technical Team will handle everything with high levels of automation throughout.

One of the most exciting developments coming from this is our great new ‘Complete’ service, with two built in softphone apps, chat capability, voice, call history, contact list and support for physical deskphones and DECT devices. It has the ability to transfer calls between endpoints, so you can transfer a call from your deskphone to your mobile app, for instance, if you wish to leave your desk mid-call.

The new app is native to the VoIP platform being used, so is designed specifically to work with this service, rather than being third party.

As ever, the Technical Team here will facilitate the migration upgrade for you behind the scenes. You may need to restart some devices, or perform a quick app download, but we are only a phone call or email away if you need assistance or have questions.

We will be contacting customers keep you fully informed throughout this exciting upgrade.

Keep an eye out for the email and we’ll be in touch shortly!


The SureVoIP Team

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