Dear all,

From the 1st of July there will be changes to what you will be charged when calling UK Mobiles as per Ofcom regulations. This all depends on what Caller ID you use. If you show a UK, EU, USA Caller ID or a Caller ID from the approved country list, then there is no change.

For all our Hosted VoIP customers and customers where we control your Caller ID, then you do not need to worry about this.

How this might affect you…

  • If you only ever send your calls with a valid UK Caller ID then you do not need to worry about this, those calls are unaffected
  • If you send calls to us with missing, invalid or incorrectly formatted Caller ID then you will pay a surcharge per minute in addition to the usual price per minute to UK Mobiles
  • If you send calls to us with an International Caller ID to UK Mobiles, from a country that appears in the surcharge list, then you will be surcharged

Some key points:

  1. This applies to outbound calls only.
  2. This only applies to calls made to UK mobiles (EE, Vodafone and Three currently) from 1st July 2021.  A further notification will be sent when more networks or number types are added.
  3. The surcharge rate is in addition to the usual rate and is per minute, so you should add the two together to get your total call charge.

Any questions, please get in touch.


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