Hi all,

I thought I’d do the popular “look back” post, but we all know how the year has gone so I’ll just say I hope you have a fantastic break as far as possible. I personally am really looking forward to some time off next week.

Oh go on then, I might as well do a short round up of some of the major things we’ve progressed this year and highlight things coming in 2021:

Last but not least, the SureVoIP app is out! There’s lots for us to progress before we stop supplying Bria apps but 2021 is going to be amazing!

Those of you that follow me on LinkedIn will know it’s been out for a while and will already know about all of the list above, but here are some of the SureVoIP app benefits applicable to you:

  • Tap into your phone contacts and match against all company calls
  • Review analytics for company wide incoming and outgoing calls which helps track how busy things are (even if you are not a Hosted VoIP customer)
  • Enjoy encrypted phone and video calls with Bluetooth support
  • See when you’re connected to SureVoIP
  • Native integration with your phone
  • Easy access to SureVoIP Service Status
  • Make and receive your calls over mobile data (3G/4G/5G) and WiFi
  • For the techie – Opus audio codec and VP8 video codec

Why not download the SureVoIP app and login using your SureVoIP Portal details?


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