A long overdue update has been made for our Click-To-Call and SMS (text messaging) Firefox and Chrome Browser Extensions. Grab one now!

Here’s a preview:

Firefox Browser Extension – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/surevoip/

Chrome Browser Extension – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/surevoip/jojflbfafjngcipbjimokekpfpapfmcf

What’s next? Inbound SMS of course! This work was completed today and is now live in our production API. Replying to inbound SMS is a bit clunky in our Portal at the moment, but we’ll announce when that’s sorted in the next day or two.

This means you can receive text messages on mobile numbers we’ll supply you AND phone calls to that mobile number will be routed to our Hosted VoIP or your phone system.

You’ll then be able to use this feature via our Portal and mobile app. You’ve been able to send SMS via our API and Portal for years, but now you can send from a mobile number that can receive replies.

What’s next for SMS? SMS to Email!!! That work has been done too. We’re just working on replying to the email so your reply goes back to that mobile as an SMS and will announce that when ready. Very cool!

All this work lays the foundation for integration with HubSpot, our first major CRM integration, which will then log SMS in/out on the relevant contacts within HubSpot and phone calls in/out. Once that’s in place we can move forward with other integrations. The next ones being Zoho and WebHooks.


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