Over the past few months, the industry has been working on the porting process. As a result there is a new format for the customer letter of authority. It is imperative you use the newly issued forms, to be found here: https://www.surevoip.co.uk/support/wiki/partners:provisioning:start

As you are probably aware, the Porting process allows end users to retain a known number, thus removing a very effective barrier to switching Providers.

Under UK Legislation, under the governance of Ofcom, Providers HAVE to allow this. End users have a legal right to keep a number which may be known to their own customers, and which may be critical to their business.

The changes are designed to simplify the process, making the journey for the customer as painless as possible. The process remains broadly as it has been, but there have been some changes to stream-line things and make your life a bit easier.

The Letter of Authority previously existed in two versions. One version for Porting a geographic number (number beginning 01 or 02), and one version for Porting a non-geographic number (numbers beginning 03, 08 or 09).

The revisions to the Porting process now mean that only one form is to be used for both geographic and non-geographic number Porting.

Other changes are that a Letter of Authority does not now need to be on letterheaded documents from the end user’s business. If the form is submitted via email, as long as the email comes form the business domain name and includes the full name, title and business name and address, this is accepted as having come from the company in question. However, where the end customer sends the Letter of Authority via fax or post then it must be printed on the customer’s letterhead.

The new Letter of Authority must be used from today onward. Old format Letter of Authority documents dated prior to today are unaffected.

See Ofcom’s Guidance here –


SureVoIP Partner porting process, guidance and forms are available here –


As usual, we are here to help if you need any further guidance at all.

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