During the lockdown I’ve been keeping busy by building the new SureVoIP app. I’d like to get as much help as possible from our customers and Partners for testing.

Those of you that are connected with me on LinkedIn will have seen the first glimpse two weeks ago and another glimpse of the bigger plan. If not, click those links!

Right now I’d like as many real devices tested as possible. At this stage tests need to be done using a live customer account on the SureVoIP Portal. All you need to do is login, logout and use the Help & Feedback tool to report a bug or problem (with a screenshot please too using the same tool!).

You’d be amazed to learn how much work has been done to get to this point. You can listen to a discussion of some of the things I’ve put in place (mainly OAuth2, OpenID Connect and AppAuth) based on the podcast I did on OAuth 2 and some of the other shows I’ve done.

This means we now have full OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect support in our API. For those interested, I’ve picked the fantastic Hydra OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Certified® OpenID Connect Server which is also going to power the new SureVoIP Developer Portal.

The main parts that enable VoIP calls are all open source which we sponsored at Christmas – https://github.com/cloudwebrtc/dart-sip-ua/

It’s already been tested by so many other people over the past 6 months. Crazy! Because it uses Flutter, we can use the same code for a Desktop app too. Brilliant!

Anyway, please do get in touch if you’d like to join me on the journey of creating our new app. This is just the beginning of a bright future.


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