Earn 10% commission for a referral that becomes a customer

Today I had to call a supplier regarding an invoice and surprisingly I was told that they couldn’t transfer my call due to working from home during the lockdown. A telecom supplier!

This got me thinking that there must be others like this that are just forwarding calls to their mobile and missing out on the key features of Hosted VoIP? If you know of anyone like this, please do get in touch and think about becoming a SureVoIP Reseller to offer our SureVoIP Hosted VoIP product.

We run two partner programs. A SureVoIP Reseller and a SureVoIP Partner.

Becoming a SureVoIP Reseller allows you to offer VoIP services to your new and existing customers without the commercial risk. Your customers will be contracted with SureVoIP and see our brand.

We give you sales and technical support when needed and can also advise you on any design questions.

You receive a flat 10% commission on all service revenue you bring us. There is no fee to become a reseller.


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