Secure Instant Messaging, now relaunched and simplified on

We’ve relaunched and simplified our free instant messaging offering.

Why? Easy, just another option for you and the fact that your messages will stay in the UK and traverse via a privately run UK network, plus all the integration options it will bring across our services for existing customers.

A full list of chat apps is available on the XMPP website (the protocol that most Instant Messaging services use). We also have some help guides.

Our customers that use Counterpath softphones can switch to this service for messaging too.

I personally use Pidgin on my desktops and laptops and Xabber on my Samsung S10e android phone. See the full list on your app stores by searching for Jabber or XMPP.

You will need your username and SureVoIP Portal password for use with any app, which is known as a JID or Jabber Identity (also called a Jabber ID). You can get yours from the SureVoIP Portal Profile page. Its form is:

This is a free service. Anyone can register on our portal to get their username which will then work on the domain.

Enjoy! Any questions, please do get in touch.


P.S. We will be fully integrating this into the SureVoIP Portal and SureVoIP Talk app in due course. For those interested, we use the fantastic open source XMPP server ejabberd.

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