Our physical office is now closed as the whole team works from home, just in time for last nights three week lockdown announcement.

Business As Usual (almost)

For us, it’s almost business as usual. We’ve been adjusting to not being able to discuss things over our desks and leaning more on the different tool sets we use like SureVoIP Hosted VoIP, G Suite and Basecamp.

We have really noticed the difference in business broadband routers vs residential routers (mainly SIP ALG) and some team members are running standard broadband as they can’t get Superfast even in the centre of Aberdeen!!!

All team members are using softphones and headsets, which keeps things easy.

Get in touch if you are still struggling with a Work from Home solution, but I think almost all of you will be sorted by now.

A bit about me and my family

We’ve had my disabled son Ben at home now since the 12th of March because he is extremely vulnerable. He’s coping well. He’s actually been the driving force behind SureVoIP and why it has been built the way it has.

A lot of you will know our family story, but many will not. Have a listen to a recording I did for the BBC a couple of years ago now. It explains why you can’t get hold of me sometimes and why I take a bit longer to complete all the great things we’re working on.

We’ve all got a long way to go until we’re back on our feet, but please do rely on us to help you the best we can by keeping your telecoms network running.

Stay indoors. Stay safe. Speak to your customers, family and friends as much as possible (remotely).

Thanks for reading,
Gavin (CEO).

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