A VoIP service has many benefits. It can help if you require a phone system with a rich feature-set, or bespoke functionality. It can help if you wish to reduce costs or increase your capacity to make and receive calls.

It can also help if you wish to add a working from home option to your list of employee benefits.

Home or remote working is becoming an increasingly popular benefit to offer employees.

It also offers a safety net if, for any reason, your company circumstances change.

If you had a incident where you had to shut your office, would this mean stopping all work for the duration of the closure? With a VoIP service, your company can be fully equipped to keep going throughout. All workers can work from home or remote offices. Your company telecoms system will continue to function, without downtime or any massive logistical nightmares.

People simply unplug their phone, pick it up, and take it home. Plug it into the internet socket at home, and the company phone system has moved with them.

Company messages and music on hold still play as normal. Calls can be answered and transferred to other workers. Calls can be made out using the company phone number.

You are being presented to customers in the way you wish – as a professional and established company.

Your workers are given an additional perk, as well as an additional method of fulfilling their employee obligations.

Anyone who finds themselves in a position where they are not able to attend the office as usual would still be able to work as normal. This could apply to an individual who now needs to stay home, or even a whole company workforce if the company institutes a policy change.

With a VoIP service, you give your company and your employees more options. As your company phone system will transport to anywhere there is an internet connection, you open more options.

You can move office easily, or move individual workers.

Putting aside current events, there are other reasons why remote working using VoIP should be considered. GDPR legislation, for instance, is against giving out personal data where it can be avoided. A VoIP service means people don’t have to use their own mobile or house phone for business use, and so release personal information to customers.

So, as well as giving options amidst current changing circumstances, VoIP also allows you to offer employees better employment packages, and helps your company stay ahead of current legislation.

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