Every business has to contribute. We all exist within a wider community. It’s an anachronistic viewpoint that a business exists in and of itself, only there to make money for the owners or Directors.

In an age where social responsibility is the big talking point amongst larger corporations, all businesses must take an active role in contributing.

From a geographical viewpoint, this could be donating money or staff time to a local charity, or sponsoring a new amenity.

From an industry sector point of view, it could mean developing tools or insights useful for your sector.

All industries progress by someone taking a chance. You’ve probably heard the saying “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. Or, to put it in the insightful words of Frank Zappa, “Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible”.

There always has to be a first. The company or person who makes the first attempt. Who creates the first version. Who drafts the first draft. It is this that moves things on, and from that moment on everything changes. Expectations, solutions, approaches. All these change after that one eureka moment.

Our track record of disruptive innovation continues, and this time we have been working on telephony-related apps and adding to our Customer Portal.

We developed our two new Apps, called Notify and Talk, in response to a market need. We also did it to create something which we felt would be useful for our customers, and beneficial for the VoIP sector generally. Exactly the same factors motivated the development of our Portal phone.

Our new developments are, first and foremost, to move our company on. We can offer more services to our customer base, and extend our market reach. But we have also contributed to the VoIP telecoms sector.

The time and cost incurred in innovation is a considerable investment, and the risks and benefits do need careful analysis.

However, sometimes a cost-benefit analysis doesn’t give the whole picture. It only takes into account the benefit to your own company, for instance, and not your industry sector.

If you want to add something of real benefit, you have to take a chance. That chance will cost you, and the cost might be high. But the long-term goal is worth working towards.

After all, your innovation is there to make customer’s lives easier. If your competitors see this benefit, and then copy you, who wins? The answer is the public. Your industry sector. In fact, everyone.

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