Well we’re past the start of 2020, and getting to grips with the new year. Now is the time when you should be taking stock, analysing your company to see if you are adequately set up for the challenges the year may bring. The challenges change year to year and month to month. Company and customer behaviours change.

Things do change gradually, and some times the changes creep up on you. Do you remember the Phone Book? How about the Yellow Pages? When was the last time you picked one up? Yet it wasn’t that long ago every household in the UK had one of each, updated every year, and thumbed through regularly.

Some changes are more ingrained. For instance, car or house insurance. For those of us who can remember a time before meerkats decided our buying habits, buying insurance used to be very different.

Armed with your existing policy and a Yellow Pages, you’d make sure you had a Saturday afternoon free. You’d phone round all the companies you could be bothered to, before picking one, either on price, at random, or because you couldn’t bring yourself to talk to another insurance sales rep.

Now we have meerkats, things are very different. You don’t need any documents, you don’t need to keep repeating the same information, and you don’t need a Yellow Pages.

With a few clicks you can generate dozens of quotes. If you used it last year you don’t even need to enter your personal information. The work of a Saturday afternoon, completed in under one minute. Buying insurance is just one of the many things that have changed due to the digital revolution.

Customer expectations and buying behaviour have changed significantly. People expect faster service, faster delivery, and faster responses.

How does this affect your company telecoms? In a one-click ordering, next day delivery world, how do you keep pace? Do you have to?

A VoIP service can give you the technological capability to compete in this marketplace. One of the main advantages of using a VoIP service is that it can add significantly to your company telecoms. You can set up some very advanced call routing, you can play music on hold or recorded audio messages.

You can even use it to build a ‘virtual office’. Calls are made and received across users, not across a physical office. So, as long as your users are all part of the same VoIP service, they will be part of the same phone system. A VoIP service doesn’t care where users are physically located. Some could be in your office, some could be working from home. Or in the garden. Or based in another country. As long as they have a good internet connection, they will be able to use the official company phone system.

Many of our customers work from a virtual office. The company employees are not physically located anywhere near each other. They work from home, with a company phone and phone number. They can transfer calls from one to employee to another, call out and display the recognised company phone number, and play the correct audio messages and IVR menu to calls coming in.

Their customers have no idea that they are not talking to a virtual office. The phone system reproduces the experience of talking to an actual office. A call can be transferred from one person to another, put on hold, you can even have your company music playing! Of course, none of this would have been available if the traditional phone service was the only option.

But, fortunately for businesses, VoIP offers an alternative. In an age of insurance-choosing automated meerkats, it was only to be expected.

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