There are a number of reasons why your company should be considering VoIP for your telecoms this year.

If you read our article last week, you will have seen three. These were:

1) BT’s announcement that the traditional phone system in the UK will be switched off in 2025

2) The increased functionality and decreased costs offered by VoIP

3) Changes in working practises, for instance employees working from home.

This isn’t the end of the story though. Those with more advanced requirements, or those with more advanced technical knowledge, have even more reasons to consider the switch to VoIP.

1) Integration

If you wish to integrate your telecoms with existing Software As A Service (SAAS) products, then you will need something flexible. VoIP is a great solution for this, as many Providers allow API access for developers. If you are going to require integration, or wish to leave this open as an option, then you need to partner with a VoIP Provider which allows this access.

2) Unified Communications

Many companies are now discussing unifying their approach to communications. This means, essentially, that all your outward facing channels are unified within an overarching communications structure. So your customer contact details would show on your screen when making or receiving a phone, for instance, if your phone system was hooked up to your CRM system. This is only really possible with a VoIP service.

3) What About The Future?

Obviously, this is a very open ended question. The first answer that comes to mind is probably going to be “Who knows?”. But a little bit of thought can give some guidance. 5 – 10 years ago, would any companies have thought seriously about marrying a CRM system with a telecoms system? Maybe a large multinational, with an annual turnover in 10 figures, would have been in a position to implement such a company-specific, bespoke project. But we now hear from multiple companies every month, all of which are considering or actively implementing such a system.

Other integrations are becoming increasing asked for, from using VoIP with video conferencing, to putting company Instant Messaging services within a existing Portal.

As technology advances, it keeps opening more and more doors. You can either move forward, stay as you are, or fall behind. The doors can be open, but which ones you choose to go through is entirely up to you.

If you want to see which doors we can open for you, just get in touch.

See last week’s article here.

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