TADSummit 2019
TadSummit 2019

The TAD Summit (The Telecom Application Development Summit, to give it its full title) is an international summit bringing together all those who work in the areas of telecoms, Unified Communications, Internet of Things or who work in related areas.

Programmable telecoms, telecom APIs, WebRTC and telecoms-enabled processes are all on the agenda for this year.

The Summit hosts a series of talks by industry professionals. These have gained a reputation for useful and informative content, and are rated highly by those who work in the field.

One of the main appeals of these talks is that they are given by people who have no agenda, sales pitch or hidden motive. They are unbiased telecoms professionals, talking similar people through projects they have delivered, what happened and why, and how the project could have been improved.

Our MD, Gavin Henry, was thrilled to be invited to give a talk on our company.

Whilst discussing our new range of in-house developed apps, he covers the latest additions to our portfolio – the new SureVoIP Mobile SIM, and the Notify and Talk apps.

The talk starts with the inception of our company, and the motivation behind starting SureVoIP. Becoming an ISP, network operator and full-blown UK telco are touched on as GH reviews where we are after ten years.

Software Engineering in a Telecoms Environment

Gavin Henry also discusses software engineering, and how he envisages this developing in the contemporary telecoms environment.

The main focus of the talk is the development process underpinning the new SureVoIP apps and Mobile SIM, which are either in development or have been released.

What went on behind-the-scenes? How were problems addressed? What were the problems which held up development, and what solutions had to be put in place?

Watching the interview, you gain valuable insight into the processes involved. We are talked through the development journey, and discover the pitfalls, surprises and solutions which were found.

After first touching on the motivation behind the project inception, the discussion moves on to development required to put the SureVoIP Notify and SureVoIP Talk apps into production.

Development and Acceptance Testing

The problems and solutions for deploying QR codes and Push Notifications across multiple platforms and Operating Systems takes some talk time to explore thoroughly, but the good news is we made it in the end! Listen on to hear some very handy insider tips regarding the useful shortcuts found through the development and acceptance processes.

The development of Minute Bundles required a top-down rethink of how we approached billing software, and you can find out how we navigated to a satisfactory solution.

On a final note, Gavin Henry discusses Flutter, the development platform used in development and acceptance testing. Flutter is cited as being invaluable to the project, allowing ongoing collaboration, and other developers are encouraged to try it out.

As the project was (and still is) Open Source, so it is open to improvement, further development and modification by the developer community.

We have stayed true to our ethos and values. This is reflected in our enviable reputation as innovative thought-leaders within our industry. This in turn is reflected in our history of word-of-mouth recommendation, and our long-standing reputation in the telecoms and IT industries. We like to think we hold a unique place within our customer base, and within the Scottish business community as a whole.

By keeping up with customer demand, we ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation within our sector, delivering on and anticipating customer needs both now and into the future.

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