Join our MD this week as he discusses developments, opportunities and other SureVoIP stuff in a ClueCon video interview.

ClueCon, for those who don’t know, is a developer-led initiative which places openness at the heart of IT and web programming. The ClueCon Founders were dedicated to making things accessible and adaptable, and the ethos of Open Source comes directly from this approach.

An annual technology conference, ClueCon exists specifically for the developer community. Open Source projects are at the core of their focus, and discussion points cover VoIP, telecoms, the Internet of Things, and related subjects.

Gavin Henry, our MD, is a contributor to their interview channel, and was delighted to be invited in for a talk this week.

“Even though it’s just a Push Notification,
there’s quite a lot behind-the-scenes”

His focus was primarily the new SureVoIP in-house developed range of apps. He covers our new Mobile SIM, and the Notify and Talk apps.

Whilst giving a potted history of our company, Gavin Henry starts with the company inception, and what motivated him to start SureVoIP. He reviews where we are after ten years, discussing becoming an ISP, network operator and full-blown UK telco along the way.

Gavin Henry also discusses software engineering, and how he sees this progressing. He points out that Software Engineering is becoming more important to SureVoIP, indicating a shift in focus for the company.

However, the main hub of his talk revolves around the new SureVoIP apps, which are either in development or have been released.

“The whole process took around 16 weeks,
even though the Proof of Concept took 2 working days”

Watching the interview, you gain valuable insight into the process involved. What went on behind-the-scenes? How were problems addressed? What were the problems which held up development, and what solutions had to be put in place? Gavin Henry talks us through the process, the pitfalls he found and the solutions which worked for him.

The apps discussed are SureVoIP Notify, and SureVoIP Talk. After first touching on the motivation to develop them, the discussion moves on to development issues. We hear how billing and the development of Bundles became the first headache, and the path adopted to navigate through to the desired outcome. Next we hear how Push Notifications were developed for the Notify app. QR codes receive a mention, and we hear some very handy insider tips from Gavin regarding some useful shortcuts he found through the development and acceptance process.

On a final note, Gavin Henry discusses Flutter, the development platform used in development and acceptance testing. Flutter is cited as being invaluable to the project, allowing ongoing collaboration, and other developers are encouraged to try it out.
As the project was (and still is) Open Source, so it is open to improvement, further development and modification by the developer community.

SureVoIP is very proud that the development process was driven by end-user testing, just as our Customer Portal was developed and refined by a select customer work-group. This approach means we have to be flexible, responsive and open to new ideas. Our products have to be user-friendly and perform well, or we quickly hear about it!

By keeping up with customer demand, we ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation within our sector, delivering on and anticipating customer needs both now and into the future.

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