We are all becoming more aware of environmental concerns, and rightly so. Few who watched the natural wonders shown on David Attenborough’s recent nature documentaries, for instance, can fail to have been moved. Seeing the plight of marine wildlife really puts progress into perspective.

A new concern crops up with alarming regularity, as our knowledge increases. As an increasing burden falls upon us, we are more and more obliged to act. Few can disagree that it a topic worthy of prioritisation.

Reducing the ‘Carbon Footprint’ is a driving motivation behind many business processes and changes, and this can only be a good thing. After all, if we can drive change from all angles then we surely have a better chance of effecting the desired outcome.

One of the major contributors to carbon emissions is travel, and companies with large travel budgets must now be analysing how best they can change to keep up with the times.

If a better way to achieve the end goal is available, then it is surely worthy of consideration.

One way travel can be reduced is by more effectively using Conference Calling.

Conference Calling allows a meeting to take place without participants having to travel. No car. No bus, train or plane tickets. No fuel used. Not a minimising or reduction. Just none. No travelling required, so no waits at airports, no buying super saver train tickets, and no petrol or diesel used.

A Conference Call means several people can meet in conversation. All can have an input, the discussion can go back and forth. Just as if you were all in the same room. One of the main benefits is that people in multiple roles can have an input. You can throw a topic open for comments on a Conference Call, just as you would in a physical meeting round a table, and hear a valid or unexpected point from a surprising contributor.

It opens up a telephone call with more opportunities. You could say, it gives as many opportunities as there are participants.

Along with soft phone apps and cloud-based business functions, the world of running a business is becoming more responsive, less oppressive and more forward-thinking.

If we all change what we can, we might change what we have to.

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