A lot of the time, regulations get a very bad press. We moan about paperwork. We panic at the mention of audits. Sweat breaks out on foreheads when we are faced with our paperwork being scrutinised. Even the mention of a tax audit has been known to reduce a company accountant to tears.

But sometimes regulations can work in our favour.

A gas fitter with the appropriate certification, for instance, is far preferable to one without. Or your dentist. Would you be happy to discover that the dentist you had been going to for years was not actually qualified in dentistry?

So, despite our reservations at the start, we have to admit that regulations can occasionally be acceptable. Sometimes, they may even be desirable!

In the world of internet telephony, we have our fair share of guidelines and legislation. The arena of telecoms is just as regulated as any other industry, perhaps more so.

Ofcom is the overseeing body tasked with regulating our phone and broadband, TV and radio. They regularly issue guidelines and briefing notes.

ITSPA (The Internet Telephony Providers Association) oversees telephony over the internet. As a VoIP Provider, it is particularly relevant to how we operate. Along with Ofcom, this is our main source of industry updates, legislative changes and technology notifications.

ITSPA also serves as a database of VoIP Providers. Any reputable Provider will be listed on the ITSPA website.

In addition, it serves a number of important industry functions. ITSPA allocates awards every year for those which it feels have made an outstanding contribution in their field. This is a great guide for ascertaining the best or most innovative VoIP Providers, those with great customer service or those dedicated to technological innovation.

At SureVoIP, we have been lucky enough to be Finalists in ITSPA’s awards 13 times, in a variety of categories. We were very pleased to win the ‘Best Business ITSP for Medium Enterprises in 2016. We regularly feature in the Finalist list for our innovative VoIP developments.

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