Life as a company representative is never easy.

Constant travelling. Hotel stays. Hotel breakfasts. Cold toast and over-priced cornflakes.

If you have become overly familiar with any of the above then you are probably also familiar with the problems of staying in contact.

After all, you are not travelling for fun. You are working to represent a company in an area which is not their core geographical area. Therefore, there you are. The single point of contact for the company, located overseas, and with limited ways of staying in touch.

The only communications method you have is the life-line in your pocket. Your mobile phone. This gives your customers a way of making contact and your company a way of updating you and gathering feedback.

As an internet-connected device, it is your way of finding information, and researching clients or potential clients.

It is also potentially your source of entertainment. Your contact with your family and loved ones. Your news source.

The motivation behind keeping this vital asset fit-for-purpose is considerable.

If any of the above points have hit home, then you should be considering a SureVoIP® Mobile SIM.

Our SIM will automatically find the best Provider for you, wherever you are. If a signal is available, then your SureVoIP® SIM will find it.

For those for whom staying in contact is vital, then you need a robust solution which is working for you, not against you. With one of our SIMS, you know that you have the most reliable communications and internet capable device you can have. Wherever you are, conveniently in your pocket.

For those who are tasked with managing and equipping company Representatives, or Teams of Representatives, then our SIM plans and packages are ideal. They offer a convenient and scalable solution which can be tailored to any environment and specification you wish. Want to limit data usage and international calling? No problem. Want to allow calls in country only, or restrict calls to mobiles? Again, no problem. Let us know the problem, and we’ll find the solution for you.

Whether you are a Company Representative yourself, or are tasked with managing Representatives, get in touch now to find out just how we can help.

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