The SureVoIP® Mobile SIM provides the perfect solution for those who work in areas with poor signal or only one Provider. Rather than being tied to a single Provider, no matter what deal they offer, you can roam freely between all the Providers available in the area. In the UK, this means EE, 02 and Vodafone.

If you work abroad it will roam between the Providers it can find to keep you in touch. With the SureVoIP® Mobile SIM you will always be in contact.

This gives a great solution for those who work in remote areas, areas with poor coverage or for those for whom a mobile signal is a necessity.

Great news if:
• You have to work in remote areas
• You regularly encounter areas with poor or no signal from your current Provider
• Your line of work requires you to stay in constant contact
• You absolutely have to have a file emailed in to a deadline, no matter where you are
• Your work is considered vital and lives may be at risk if you are not in contact
• You have a hobby or interest which takes you to poor coverage areas and your phone is your safety line.

From an organisation point of view, teams of employees or contractors working remotely can be a time-consuming headache.

Many larger organisations face the problem of managing large teams working outside the office. They may work outwith your standard office hours. They may work in a completely different country. Or they could be out on the road, with little support from head office.

Support personnel, service engineers, sales people. All are a potential headache for a Purchasing or Personnel manager to keep track of.

Staff in these roles can pose a major problem when it comes to management and accountability. All can be time-consuming to manage effectively.

Organising their telecoms can be the worst part of the whole situation.

Do you tell staff just to use their own mobiles? If so, who pays their bills? If they use it for personal and business use, how do you split the bill in two? Who spends the time to check all the calls?

Do you give staff a work mobile? If so, how do you manage usage? Do you really want staff to be able to call anywhere in the world, uncontrolled?

The problem is ultimately how you align this business function with your overall framework. If you have prescribed business processes, then you need a service which offers an appropriate feature set combined with adaptability.

The SureVoIP® Mobile SIM gives a truly business-grade solution to the problem.

Designed from the outset with flexibility and usability in mind, our Mobile SIM provides an adaptable and feature-rich solution to the problem of managing employee communications.

You can control calls, texts and data. So you can implement a communications structure which suits the way your company wishes to operate.

Get in touch to find out how The SureVoIP® Mobile SIM can lift some of your workload and make your life as a manager easier.

Get in touch now if remaining within mobile signal is vital for you to perform your required tasks.

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