There is nothing quite like transparency. When working with your suppliers, do you receive full notification as to what they are up to and why? When they have issues, do they try and cover it up or are they open and transparent?

This is particularly relevant when dealing with internet connectivity or telecoms.

Websites and Social Media makes it easy to keep customers informed, and both these industries deliver services where problems can often be identified quickly by the supplier.

Are you working with suppliers who keep you informed? If not, are you wondering why not?

The SureVoIP® Status Page is where we keep our customers updated with any issues and how we are doing with fixing them.

We don’t often experience problems, but when we do, we are open and transparent.

We always list any and all issues which may be affecting our customers’ service. We give a brief run down of the situation or problem we have encountered and state what we are doing to resolve it.

We also keep this page updated as the situation unfolds, giving updates and more information as we get it.

We will update this page when we have fully resolved the issue, listing what went wrong, what we had to fix it, and giving technical details for the more IT-literate.

Fully supporting our position as an independent, business-grade VoIP Provider, we believe in the quality of our service. We take our obligations to our customers very seriously, and our Status Page is one way in which our service reflect this.

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