The Importance Of Correct Equipment

As the internet becomes increasingly important in all aspects of our lives, so we find ourselves having to think ahead regarding hardware provision. It seems as if no sooner have you caught up than the game has moved on! There is no point now in providing for your requirements today – you need to be thinking further ahead.

This is particularly relevant when running a business. Your connectivity hardware is no longer safe to be left in the hands of free, proprietary equipment. The routers sent out as part of a home-based set up are not appropriate to a business environment. In fact, they could be potentially damaging.

There could be security issues, which aren’t being addressed. The hardware firmware could be lagging behind, leaving it unable to work with other equipment or settings. It might be impossible to alter any of these things. After all, the company aren’t making any money from supplying the equipment. Think of it this way – if you had given someone something for free and they came back to complain, would you be inclined to help?

At SureVoIP┬«, we are understandably focussed on VoIP. The issues experienced regarding a VoIP system range from Router settings blocking traffic altogether, to voice quality being detrimentally affected by hardware configuration which can’t be over-written.

Another problem we frequently encounter is handsets being exposed to the general internet, allowing hackers to exploit this equipment for fraudulent use. This is directly due to the Router being inadequately secure. Consumer-grade equipment is not designed to combat these threats.

This is one of the main differences between business-grade and consumer-grade equipment.

Internal settings can be set by the equipment supplier (eg a broadband provider). It is often the case that these settings are harmful in a business environment, particularly when using a VoIP system.

This is why we supply Draytek Routers from our online store, and advise all customers taking connectivity products from us to invest in a good quality, business-grade router. Drayetk are our first choice, as they are well made and designed with business use in mind.

As a supplier of true business-grade connectivity, we feel that Draytek support our offering well, and work with us to achieve a common goal. It can sometimes feel as is consumer-grade equipment is actively working against you!

In an environment where success or failure now relies on your internet connection, it isn’t an exageration to say that good quality internet Router is a valuable asset which you won’t regret buying, and a bad quality one is something you will regret on a daily basis!

For more info on internet, connectivity hardware, or any related questions, just get in touch. We’ll be happy to help.

Making A Good Impression: How VoIP Can Help A Sole Trader Or Micro-Business

Many smaller businesses struggle to make an impression. When up against the big players in a market place, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out. And how do you become bigger when the bigger guys are competing against you.

The answer could lie in a VoIP system.

With the potential to give a load of additional features, a VoIP system will allow a smaller business to appear like a larger one. An IVR menu can guide calls as they come in, giving a better customer experience and giving the appearance of a larger company.

Music on Hold gives the same advantages, as do Ring Groups directing calls.

Sole Traders can benefit from a Memorable Number, a local number area code, a virtual land-line sending calls to a mobile, or a one-person set-up delivering a VoIP service.

A micro-business (defined as one employing fewer than 10 employees) can also reap the benefits of a VoIP system. They might have more sophisticated requirements than the one-man band. They may need more sophisticated call routing for a larger staff count, and the ability to transfer call between users. A VoIP system allows much more complicated phone set ups than were traditionally possible.

A Hosted VoIP system will send calls to any of the users specified when a caller rings up, and the system will then allocate calls according to the user’s wishes. One, two, three or all phones can ring when the main number is called. Calls can be passed to a dedicated person, or a team. You can use a receptionist to answer calls, an answer team, or an independent call answering service.

If you don’t want to employ a receptionist, then a a menu auto-attendant (where you hear a voice which, for example, prompts: “Press one for sales, two for accounts” ) can guide callers to the correct person or department. Just one of the many enhanced features available on many Hosted VoIP services, this saves staff time, and enhances the customer experience.

Even Music on Hold can help. Think of the difference between being on hold with music, and being on hold without. One experience is pleasant and the time goes by, the other seems to take an eternity.

All these things make for an improved experience for customers. Smaller organisations seem bigger. A room with one person in it makes the same impression as a building with various teams and departments. The upshot of it all is customers feel happier and more reassured doing business with a smaller company.

Which, of course, is a good way for a small company to become a larger one.