Innovating For Success

Covering the start of our company, the thinking behind it and the drive moving us forward, the feature in today’s Press and Journal provides a great insight into SureVoIP®.

Gavin Henry, SureVoIP MD - The Big Interview

It tells the intriguing story of how our MD, Gavin Henry, found himself in the position of starting Scotland’s only independent VoIP Provider.


Gavin Henry started the company after gaining a BEng (Hons) in Electronic and Communications Engineering. From there he gained an interest in programming, including Linux and Open Source software. This was the start of a recurring theme, and in 2003 he developed a consultancy selling Linux IT support.


The next milestone for the company came 2 years later, when Gavin took the decision to leave his full-time job, concentrating solely on developing the target market and capabilities of his own consultancy.


A big step for anyone, Gavin’s decision was encouraged by a growing customer base, and a desire to move into the exciting field of VoIP telephony.


SureVoIP® was born!


From there, the company has gone from strength to strength, adding to its portfolio of business-grade services along the way (including the ability to supply internet connectivity).


The company now has a customer base of over 1,000 customers, all relying on it to provide business-critical telecoms. SureVoIP® is the trusted supplier of telecoms to a vast range of companies, including oil majors, multinationals, national charities, TV channels on Sky, wind farms and national hotel chains.

Working Safely In The Big Freeze

We are all seeing the stories of snow covered roads, stranded motorists and people braving snow storms to get to the office.

These are all ordinary risks associated with living in the UK, where we get bad weather, freezing winds from the Arctic, and icy cold fronts blowing over from Siberia.

Or are they? Is it possible to run your business without taking these risks?

What would the knock-on effects be if you could guarantee your employee safety, make sure no-one is late to their desk, and that people don’t have to be sent home early due to blizzards?

If this sounds like an ideal solution, then you should consider a Hosted VoIP solution.

Due to the technical abilities of such a system, workers can be geographically located anywhere, and still work as if they were at their desk. As long as the employee in question has a good, stable internet connection, they can work for you from literally anywhere.

At times like this, many workers repeat the golden phrase – ‘working from home’. If you don’t have a VoIP system, then this is just a warming daydream, taunting you as you trudge through slush with shoes filling with ice water.

But if you do have a VoIP system, then suddenly other possibilities open up for you.

Not only do you have the ability to allow your workforce to work from anywhere, but you can allow this to become policy. You can hire remote workers, avoiding the need to supply desk, chair, utilities, security etc. Indeed, some companies now work entirely from disparate locations, without a physical office housing them all.

They transfer calls just as if they were in the office, phone out using the company number, and have the same company Music on Hold and auto-attendant menu for callers as the standard phone system.

Another factor to bear in mind is the company’s Duty of Care. No-one wants a staff member injured due to travelling to work, or travelling home at the end of the day. Allowing working from home removes that risk.

Working from home can increase productivity in general, increase your company’s growth potential, and increase staff safety.

It can also give you the edge over the competition. Remember, if a VoIP system puts you ahead of the curve, so you are also ahead of all your competitors. As they struggle with staff not attending, or taking time off to look after kids on snow days, or staff slipping on the ice and heading to hospital, so you are up and fully functional, answering customer phone calls without a ‘slip up’.

Contact us to put a VoIP service in place, for a competitive advantage and to increase staff safety.