There are now officially a multitude of ways in which companies can stay in touch with their customers.

Email, of course, is great. Widely used, reliable, and easy to use. Phones – another good one. Make contact with the individual in person, and add in the human touch of tone of voice. Then there are the bulk communications – marketing emails with special offers or regular updates.

Websites work hard to communicate for companies. Acting as a news source, product list and price guide, no company can exist without a decent website.

Social Media has to be listed here as well. Company profiles are updated, news is released, and articles shared.

There is one other method of communication with your customers which may have slipped under your radar – text.

We often see this as a more personal way of keeping in touch, and associate it with quick messages to friends about where to meet or when.

But it can prove an invaluable tool to update customers and add to your customer experience.

You can send a notification regarding a delivery, or inform as to a quote or invoice being sent. In fact, you can send just about any message you like. Straight to your customer’s mobile.

Any communication with your customers can be a negative or a positive, depending on how it is handled.

With a simple text giving an update or notification, you can keep customers in the loop, and keep them informed.

To see how you can send your customers a simple, 160 character text message, contact us and ask for a trial. You will receive access to our Customer Portal, which has an in-built text messaging feature. Then you can sit and dream up all the ways you can use it to enrich your own customer communications.


Contact us to find out more or to arrange a trial, or to discuss our new Customer Portal.


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