<a href="/blog/smartphones-versus-landlines-whos-winning-why-and-how-you-can-benefit">Smartphones Versus Landlines – Who’s Winning, Why And How You Can Benefit</a>

The traditional phone landline is engaged in a battle with the smartphone, and the landline seems to be losing. The vast majority of people these days have a smartphone. It's not that uncommon these for someone not have a landline at all. The smartphone provides them with all the telecoms they need, whether at home … Continued

How To Connect Remote Workers In Different Locations

As Providers of VoIP, we manage communications for many different styles of office set-up. One of the most challenging set-ups to tackle and manage, is one for a larger company operating from many disparate locations. There are a few challenges with such a set-up, including keeping everyone in the team connected, and ensuring calls coming … Continued

How To Be in Two Places At The Same Time

Most people in a work environment know the feeling of wishing to be in two places at once.   It's a busy day, the phone is going constantly and you haven't even touched your emails.   Unfortunately, try as we might, we can't quite help you with your work load. However, we can help you … Continued

<a href="/blog/screaming-customers-disputes-and-confused-staff-how-call-recording-can-benefit-you">Screaming Customers, Disputes and Confused Staff – How Call Recording Can Benefit You</a>

VoIP opens more possibilities than using a 'traditional' phone system. One of these possibilities is the ability to record your calls with out the need for any special equipment or phone lines. All users on our Fully Managed service, for instance, can have all calls recorded automatically by our system.   No hardware or specialist … Continued