Never Miss A Message

Traditionally, a person who tried to call you when you were busy left a message on the device they phoned you on. This is the way things have worked up to now, and the way most of us have become used to working.


But – is there a better way?


Using a VoIP service, there is.


Our two tiers of Hosted VoIP (both Basic and Fully Managed), and our Single User services include a better solution. We call it Voicemail to Email, and is an extremely handy feature included as standard with our business-grade VoIP services.


It allows callers to get their message to you in a more efficient way than the traditional message left on a device. As the message is left, the system automatically emails you to tell you a message has been left.


Not only that, but the email will also include an audio file which contains the message. No need to keep checking your various phones and devices, your notification will be automatic.


This is especially handy as some recent studies suggest most of us check our work emails on an almost continual basis. One US study cites the incredible figure of 4 hours per day spent checking emails! If you are anything like me, you will check every 10 minutes or so, just to keep up to date with ongoing issues and catch correspondence.


So, assuming I am roughly average (which may or may not be the case) then email is one of the best ways of getting a message to you.


The frequency at which we check for new messages, and the importance of email as a tool for business communications, means we perhaps prioritise this media above others.


Having messages sent to your email account also means you have them stored. You can easily create a folder for messages, and keep them as long as you wish.


Alternatively, you can create a folder on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, and store the records there. Find all your messages quickly and easily. Refer back if there is ever an issue or dispute, and find out exactly what was said.


An additional advantage of having messages sent to you is an improved reply time. As you are more aware of your messages, and they are sent to you in a more convenient way, your ability to respond is naturally improved. Take less time to respond, and have fewer people waiting for you to get back to them.


As your messages are stored away from the device, it means you can access these messages wherever you are. A bonus for those who work from home.


See more on our Hosted solutions. Contact us to discuss VoIP in depth.

How We Got Connected

18 months ago, we began the laborious process of building our SS7 Interconnects with BT (in Edinburgh and London). We knew this would be a lengthy, time-intensive and expensive process. The reason we embarked on this project was to increase SureVoIP's network capability, and create a platform for growth that would outreach our competition.

After significant investment of time, resources and hard cash we have completed the climb to the top of the SS7 mountain. And the future looks amazing from our new vantage point!


We are very excited to be able to continue our strategy of innovation and technical expertise, and the completion of this project is a landmark on this journey.


In keeping with our ethos of delivering the best possible VoIP service, we decided to move towards the SS7 (Signalling System No. 7) Interconnect. It allows us to provide the highest possible level of service to customers and Partners.


The Interconnect works connecting us to the heart of the national PSTN network – a fancy term describing the public phone network (the infrastructure which delivers all traditional phone calls and internet over copper or fibre cables).


The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is governed by Ofcom, the Industry Regulator. This monitoring extends to SS7 Interconnects, and is more stringent at this level. Factors such as uptime and pricing policy are closely monitored, giving aded reassurance to customers. This is a major point scored over our competition. We are proud to be transparent, conscientious and honest, and this monitoring empahises this commitment.


Ofcom regulation gives customers a level of reassurance not available from other providers, who do not submit to this regulation.


Our service is appealing to potential customers through our innovative product line, which we continually develop in response to customer demand. SureVoIP® itself offers a stable, reliable and trustworthy telecoms provider, having operated for 6 years and satisfied the needs of a varied client base.


Not being a Reseller of the products of a larger company's products marks us as unique in Scotland. Moving from a reseller position to an independent provider position was one of the factors motivating us to complete the SS7 Interconnect.


As a result, our network infrastructure stands head and shoulders above the competition.


Feel free to read more about our Network, or see more blog articles to read about VoIP generally.

This article also features on the Scottish Business News Network.