Over the last few years there has been a steady shift from traditional telecoms set ups over to internet-based telecoms.


There are a number of advantages using the internet to deliver services, for instance scalability, speed of provisioning, and end-user control.


There is another advantage which is perhaps not as well known.


Traditional telecoms has been sentenced to death.


BT decided that the ISDN telecoms service (the network which delivers voice and data across the country) will be shut-down in 2025.


An alternative, SIP trunking, has been becoming increasingly popular, boosted by the need for more control and increased flexibility from end users. In our digital-driven fast-paced environment, people require more functionality with less rigidity associated with traditional telephony. People expect to be able to make changes quickly and easily, and preferably in real-time. Customers expect access to portals giving control and relevant information. What customers don't want, and will no longer accept, is waiting weeks for changes to be implemented.


The change from ISDN to SIP has been gathering momentum, and the recent announcement from BT will only increase the numbers seeking to change.


Hosted VoIP is one of the opportunities which SIP technology has opened up. A Hosted VoIP system gives customers much more functionality than traditional telecoms. On-line portals give real-time information, and the ability to up-date and control system functions. Delivery over the internet gives the ability to up-date functions, alter and customise features, and push out settings to hardware.


It gives a scalable, usable telephony resource to customers, with the reassuring factors of longevity and stability. The ISDN option offers little regarding these factors. It is an anachronism in an environmnet of data packets and virtual machines. After all, think about any other technologies from 1988 – would we expect our old desktop PCs to run a modern business? Or would anyone be happy to walk around with a huge brick of a mobile phone? So it is with ISDN, it is simply not capable of keeping pace with the demands we now place on the technology.


So maybe it is with some relief that BT will take the venerable old beast out to retire in green pasture – the way is clear for a more capable, faster and user-friendly future.


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