Come chat to us about using Hosted Communications and IP Telephony at Granite Expo 2016 in Aberdeen

What are you doing Thursday 27th October? Come visit the award winning SureVoIP (the only Internet Telephony Service Provider in Scotland) at the Hilton Treetops Hotel, Aberdeen at Granite EXPO 2016! We'll listen to your requirements and problems, chat about Internet based telephony or just have a catch up! Open from 9.30a.m. – 4.30p.m.  Entrance FREE 01224 900123 @SureVoIP

Forget-Me-Not – A Guide To Being Memorable

The holy grail of most companies is to be THE company to call within their market place.   You want customers to pick up the phone without even thinking about it. They dial, they speak to one of your representatives, they ask a question or present their problem. Your company is half-way to making the … Continued

The Traditional Phone And The Sword Of Damocles

Over the last few years there has been a steady shift from traditional telecoms set ups over to internet-based telecoms.   There are a number of advantages using the internet to deliver services, for instance scalability, speed of provisioning, and end-user control.   There is another advantage which is perhaps not as well known.   … Continued