stock-illustration-39677664-white-cloud-illustration Should you move your Telecom system to 'The Cloud', or keep things based at your own premises? To answer this question, it may be helpful to consider a few other questions first.

  1. Does your company have its own IT staff, who understand how an on-site phone system will work?
  2. How much flexibility do you require from your phone system? Do you need to implement small changes and tweaks on a daily basis, or will it simply run as it is?
  3. Does your company need more from a phone system, perhaps you need user hardware configured, or want to implement some new 'on hold' music?

Question 1 – If you have an existing IT department, (particularly if they are experienced in telecoms), then this will point to an on-site system being a good option. You will be able to utilise an existing resource effectively, supplying the system you need and providing an ongoing solution.

Question 2 – If you think you will need to adjust your phone system regularly, this may push an already stretched IT Department passed breaking point. If you have a sophisticated telecoms set up which requires ongoing support, it may be better to turn to a dedicated provider, even if you have an IT department.

Question 3 – Do you think you will need in-depth, telecoms-specific assistance? Examples could be implementing international numbers, or configuring desk phones. These issues may sound simple, but require a lot of relevant experience, training and industry knowledge. If you think you will require this on an on-going basis, then you should consider using a dedicated VoIP provider.

If you answered 'Yes' to question 1, but 'No' to the others, then you should consider an on-site phone system. We term these 'PBXs'. As long as you have an IT Department with the skills, time and staff resource then you will benefit from the advantages of VoIP, whilst utilising your IT Department.

If you answered 'Yes' to question 1, and 'Yes' to either of the others, then you should consider a Cloud-based solution. Your IT department may not have the skills, resources, or expertise to deliver all that you require from your phone system, and may become bogged down trying to complete tasks they don't really understand, or haven't been trained for.

If you answered 'No' to question 1, and 'Yes' to either of the others, then you should definitely consider a Cloud-based VoIP provider. You will benefit from the advantages of VoIP, and won't be burdened with having to provide the resources to support it. In either case, SureVoIP® can help. We specialise in the world of VoIP. We can supply SIP trunks for an on-site system, or manage the whole thing for you with one of our Hosted VoIP packages. Read more about the features and benefits of our Hosted VoIP. Learn more about SIP trunks.

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