VoIP offers many advantages to business users. Increased flexibility, increased functionality and an improved customer experience all feature as notably better than traditional phone systems.

One of the most useful advantages is being able to work as if you are in the office, even when you are not. You can be located anywhere, and still receive your calls.

We call this function ‘Follow Me’, a simple but ingenious function which allows your incoming calls to be diverted to your mobile when required.

The caller has no idea you are not sitting at your desk. They have dialled your ordinary work number to reach you, and you receive the call to your mobile. There is nothing to indicate you are currently working from home, or on a site visit with another client, spending time with the kids, or sitting in the garden.

Depending on the service you are subscribing to, there are a number of ways to achieve this.

For instance, users of the SureVoIP® Hosted packages can set this up from their main ‘Ring Group’ (or from their personal ‘Ring Group’ if on our Fully Managed Hosted service). Our ‘Follow Me’ function will achieve the same thing. The number to forward to can be permanent, or changed as needed via the user’s portal.

Those who are not using our Hosted services can still use this function, we offer it as a stand alone package.

There are other advantages of the ‘Follow Me’ function. Rather than needing to advertise two numbers (your office number and you mobile number) you only need one. The ‘Follow Me’ function will make full use of your mobile when you require it, but you only need to advertise your office number.


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