Top 5 Reasons For Using VoIP

1) Present your company in the best possible way Create a professional, customised phone system which reflects your company’s brand, values and customer expectations. 2) A flexible, scalable resource for your company The flexibility to set up a customised phone system which fits your requirements, and which can be modified as your requirements change. Users … Continued

VoIP As A Marketing Tool

Telecoms provide a vital tool for your business, and not just to allow your customers to contact you, and you them. There are telecoms options available which give a range of other benefits. VoIP is probably the most flexible telecoms option available to most companies, and can assist with projects and objectives above and beyond … Continued

Move to the Cloud or keep it in the office?

Should you move your Telecom system to 'The Cloud', or keep things based at your own premises? To answer this question, it may be helpful to consider a few other questions first. Does your company have its own IT staff, who understand how an on-site phone system will work? How much flexibility do you require … Continued

Never Miss Another Call

VoIP offers many advantages to business users. Increased flexibility, increased functionality and an improved customer experience all feature as notably better than traditional phone systems. One of the most useful advantages is being able to work as if you are in the office, even when you are not. You can be located anywhere, and still … Continued

How To Move Office And Take Your Phones With You (The Easy Way)

Moving office is a stressful time. You have decorators to arrange, furniture to move, files to transfer, and all while keeping your customers happy. VoIP users have the flexibility to take their telecoms set up wherever they go. As long as they have an internet connection, all the phones will just unplug from the old … Continued