The workplace changes as worker’s expectations change. One of the work benefits which employees now expect is the possibility of flexible working.

Working parents, those with varying outside commitments, remote workers or those who job share can all benefit from taking part in flexible work arrangements. UK legislation requires companies to consider all flexitime working requests from employees.

Do you or your employees need to work in a non-traditional set up, where a 9 – 5, office based role simply isn’t accommodating enough?

Do you have staff with children requesting to work around school hours, or change their hours depending on school holidays? Or those with other family commitments, who need to work from home for some of the week?

How about remote staff who are autonomous, who need to integrate with office-based staff but also require a degree of flexibility? Or, given Aberdeen weather, how does your company cope with employees being snowed in? Should workers travel when it is unsafe, or can your company offer an alternative?

If you face any of these issues, then a Hosted VoIP solution would definitely be worth considering. As long as workers have an internet connection, then they are reachable anywhere. Your “office” doesn’t actually need to exist at all, calls can be transferred from one person to another, with the caller completely unaware that the two people are in different towns, or even different countries!

You can work remotely from home and communicate with your customers as if you were in the office. Callers experience your menu system, or calls being transferred seamlessly, or hear music on hold, with nothing indicating you are anywhere other than at your desk. You can even present your office number to the people you call, giving that final professional touch.

Make use of all the features of a business telecoms system, and present a more professional image, while working from wherever suits you.


To see the UK Government advice on flexible working, please click here.

To see more on the features and benefits of our business-grade VoIP service, please click here.

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