Benefits of VoIP for Flexible Working

The workplace changes as worker’s expectations change. One of the work benefits which employees now expect is the possibility of flexible working.

Working parents, those with varying outside commitments, remote workers or those who job share can all benefit from taking part in flexible work arrangements. UK legislation requires companies to consider all flexitime working requests from employees.

Do you or your employees need to work in a non-traditional set up, where a 9 – 5, office based role simply isn’t accommodating enough?

Do you have staff with children requesting to work around school hours, or change their hours depending on school holidays? Or those with other family commitments, who need to work from home for some of the week?

How about remote staff who are autonomous, who need to integrate with office-based staff but also require a degree of flexibility? Or, given Aberdeen weather, how does your company cope with employees being snowed in? Should workers travel when it is unsafe, or can your company offer an alternative?

If you face any of these issues, then a Hosted VoIP solution would definitely be worth considering. As long as workers have an internet connection, then they are reachable anywhere. Your “office” doesn’t actually need to exist at all, calls can be transferred from one person to another, with the caller completely unaware that the two people are in different towns, or even different countries!

You can work remotely from home and communicate with your customers as if you were in the office. Callers experience your menu system, or calls being transferred seamlessly, or hear music on hold, with nothing indicating you are anywhere other than at your desk. You can even present your office number to the people you call, giving that final professional touch.

Make use of all the features of a business telecoms system, and present a more professional image, while working from wherever suits you.


To see the UK Government advice on flexible working, please click here.

To see more on the features and benefits of our business-grade VoIP service, please click here.

Is your telecoms provider holding your number hostage?

Have you ever wanted to change telecoms provider but been unable to because they have your number hostage?

Anyone with an existing number will be rightly worried about losing a number their customers have known for years.

‘Number Porting’ is the phrase you need to remember. Under Ofcom regulations, all telecom providers must allow you to move your number to a new provider (to ‘Port’ your number). This process is lead by the gaining provider, and your old provider has to allow it.

Porting can prove useful in a number of scenarios, including:

  • To allow you to make use of the savings and increased functionality offered by a VoIP service. Keep your advertised number and move away from old-school phones and phone lines
  • Port over to a VoIP provider and keep your existing number, even if you move geographical area. BT will not allow you to retain your number if you move from your current exchange. Porting to VoIP will allow you to move wherever you want (down the road, working from the pub, the Bahamas, anywhere!)
  • Switching telecoms providers – take your number with you if you switch providers but need to keep an existing advertised number
  • Larger organisations looking to consolidate resources – moving communications to a central office but keeping contact details for pre-existing regional depots
  • Elderly parents going into a Care Home – all their friends and family will be able to reach them on the number they have had for years.

For more info on Porting generally, please see our website pages:


As the UK industry regulatory body, Ofcom oversee all porting regulations. Their website gives advice on the process. For further information, please see:


SureVoIP win Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) 2016!

Dear all, I’m extremely happy to announce (if you haven’t already seen my bombardment of pics on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) that SureVoIP won the ITSPA Award for Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) 2016 (that’s in the whole of the UK!). SureVoIP – Best Business ITSP (Medium Enterprise) Winner 2016   It was a great afternoon in London. I knew there was a Highly Commended category, so was at least hoping for that, but when we won I couldn’t believe it. My speech went like this:

We’ve never won anything like this before, but I’d like to thank all our Customers, Resellers and Partners for trusting us as their VoIP service provider and for their business. I’d like to thank the SureVoIP Team for all their hard work and finally I’d like to place a special thank you to all Open Source software projects. Without them, no telecom company would be in business.

Cheesy, but true! Let’s not forget our news last month regarding the ITSPA Quality Mark and that we were also Finalists for Best Business ITSP (Corporate) and Best VoIP Infrastructure. So finally, thank you for trusting SureVoIP with your business communications service. Gavin. Notes: It was extremely tough competition, but the requirements were: Outline The company winning this category has provided the best all round voice service to medium size businesses. This company provides a good selection of business features, including multiple telephone numbers; call queuing as well as support for remote workers. Eligibility The Award is open to companies offering a VoIP service to medium size enterprises for more than 10 and less than 150 employees/seats. It must offer a full telephony service (including connectivity to and from the PSTN, using standard UK DID numbers and with access to the emergency services). Judging panel companies are not permitted to enter the application process. Entrance Requirements Entrants will be subject to a round of technical testing performed by Malden Electronics. Providing benchmark scores are met, the application will then proceed through the judging process based on the entrants written self-assessment. Scoring

  1. Business performance (25%) – This section should include details about how the service operates and how it has proven both popular with customers and successful for the business over the past twelve months. It should outline how it ensures the necessary business grade quality and resilience for Medium sized businesses and why it particularly provides value for companies of that size. Any details or information around how the business has grown in recent years are welcome.
  2. Innovation (25%) This section should outline how you differentiate your service to other competitors. It should also include details around new services launched and additional features integrated over the past twelve months.
  3. Customer Service (25%) This section should clearly outline the efforts the company provides to ensure excellent customer service. Details outlining the pre-sales approach to installation and in-life support and maintenance are required. An outline of your complaint handling procedures, your number portability policy and ways of communicating with the public (on your website or elsewhere) would be welcome.
  4. Case Study (25%) Provide a comprehensive example of how your service has been deployed successfully in practice over the past 12 months.