Would you like to use a SureVoIP App on your device?

Hi all, We’re thinking about creating a SureVoIP App for your device and would love you to take a 10 question survey to make sure it’s the right thing for us to do. Take the 10 question survey Thanks, Gavin.

SureVoIP API major components open sourced

Hi all, Today we are making various pieces of software on our GitHub account Open Source. This includes an OAuth 2 framework for the Catalyst Perl MVC framework and all the components used to make our WebHooks for push based event notifications. Here’s the full list: CatalystX-OAuth2 (special thanks to the ShadowCat Systems guys for this!) Message Passing Message-Passing-ZeroMQ … Continued

The App Economy and APIs

Thought I’d share this video from apigee which really sums up why any company that is web faced or internet based should have an API. If they don’t they won’t last very long. P.S. We’re not affiliated with apigee, but do use their free console

SureVoIP API updates – bug fixes and new features

We’ve just made a bug fix update and added a few more features to the SureVoIP API. Our event notification framework is about to go beta too as well our the telephone call generation and OAuth2. Will keep you updated (please join the SureVoIP RESTful hypermedia API Google Group for further discussions). Changes: 1.06 2012-05-02 … Continued