SureVoIP API major components open sourced

Hi all,

Today we are making various pieces of software on our GitHub account Open Source. This includes an OAuth 2 framework for the Catalyst Perl MVC framework and all the components used to make our WebHooks for push based event notifications. Here’s the full list:


In most of the README’s you’ll see:


This module exists due to the wonderful people at Suretec Systems Ltd.

<> who sponsored it’s development for its

VoIP division called SureVoIP <> for use with

the SureVoIP API


This shows our commitment, as always, to giving back to the open source community.

Lastly, here’s an overview of what you can do with the SureVoIP API:

  • have your accounting software download all your invoices
  • list all your companies calls
  • send text messages and faxes
  • manage all your telephone numbers
  • provide a customer portal on your own site (white label)
  • integrate with other applications that you use
  • create your own customers using your partner account
  • order new telephone numbers
  • get out of credit alerts via the push based event notification framework
  • use OAuth 2.0 for allowing 3rd party Apps access to your account
  • be 100% self-sufficient
  • create telephone calls (good for click-to-call)
  • much more….


We’re in the process of creating the Developer sign up pages on our site so that you can register an app and we’ll also have an App gallery to list your wonderful creations! Demo and live apps are coming.



SureVoIP API updates – bug fixes and new features

We’ve just made a bug fix update and added a few more features to the SureVoIP API. Our event notification framework is about to go beta too as well our the telephone call generation and OAuth2. Will keep you updated (please join the SureVoIP RESTful hypermedia API Google Group for further discussions).


1.06 2012-05-02

Now you can create invoices by POSTing to

/customers/{account}/billing/invoices so the store can do it into KF.

1.05 2012-04-24

Bug – Admin user create or update number does not set user

Creation date on new DDIs

billing/contact returns blanked object

WISHLIST: API end point that accepts POST and simply returns payload

can’t list calls

Customers::Billing->invoices Can’t use string (“”) as a HASH ref

Customers::Calls->customers_calls Can’t call method “stoptime” on an undefined value

creating dest that is other number has voip_call as yes

customers/$account/numbers throws exception

customers/$ACCOUNT/billing/invoices throws exception

customers/$ACCOUNT/calls throws exception

Company and Website mandatory