Just a quick update. When we applied for our Ofcom number allocations last year prior to going live, there were no 0845 numbers left. Well, last Thursday I saw that a range had become free and we applied for 10,000 numbers and were awarded them by Ofcom last Friday!

We now have 0845 235 0000 – 0845 235 9999 and will be offering some early bird discounts for all the gold and platinum numbers in that range.

They will not go live on the public telephone network until February, but we will keep you posted when the offers start.

If you would like some, please let me know. They will be billed at the usual rate per month (£4) after the one-off fee for the gold and platinum numbers.

If there is anything else you need, please just let me know and have you checked out our new hardware store – http://www.surevoip.co.uk/store ?





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