We’d like to remind existing and potential customers that when deploying their own IP PBX from scratch, namely software like Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS and others that you should be very strict with regards to VoIP security.

With that in mind we would like all customers that fall into the above category to review the ITSPA Best Practice guide on VoIP security – IP-PBX deployment for end users

ITSPA takes the safety of its customers seriously. Telephony systems using VoIP bring many benefits

in cost and flexibility, but in common with many of today’s advanced technologies, there are also

threats. In 2010, ITSPA formed a security committee to discuss best practice and create advice for

its own members and for customers of IP telephony systems. We distilled some of the best

practical advice from service providers, security experts and vendors and used it to create this


ITSPA has its own Quality Mark that recognises ITSPA members that aspire to be the best in their field. Part of qualifying for this Quality Mark is the adherence to best practices, and this includes the area of VoIP security. When you choose a service provider with the ITSPA Quality Mark, you are choosing a partner that has a deep understanding of VoIP issues, and a commitment to delivering services of the highest quality and safety. SureVoIP have the ITSPA Quality Mark

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