Just come across this Cloud Industry Forum rains on UK Cloud Alliance’s parade:

Fifteen UK-based technology firms and service providers have come together to launch the UK Cloud Alliance in an attempt to help businesses looking to procure cloud services. However, the move has been heavily criticized by the Cloud Industry Forum.

“Apparently a rigorous process was implemented (by Star themselves we assume) to whittle down literally ‘thousands’ of would-be cloud providers and enablers into a list of just 15-17 businesses that can meet the needs of the UK SMB market according to Star’s business develepment person,” said Andy Burton, chairman of the Cloud Industry Forum.

“Unsurprisingly, the only firms making the cut were firms that don’t compete with Star, and many of who they have historically worked with on opportunities. I would love to hear from some of the hopeful companies that supposedly must have had their business plans dashed by not becoming a member of this ‘new’ organisation, but somehow I doubt that even one of these claimed ‘thousands’ will ever come forward,” he added.

Burton said the UK Cloud Alliance should not be taken seriously until it adopts its own independent and certified code of practice

“Until this is rectified, end users should clearly see this alliance as nothing more than a collaborative commercial working agreement between a private group of companies who believe they have nothing to lose and something to gain from working together,” said Burton.


The UK Cloud Alliance comprises specialists in telephony, security, hardware migration and virtualisation. I don’t remember them approaching ITSPA to see if it’s members would like to join or do I think that they are as neutral and as beneficial to the industry as ITSPA.

So how can they possibly represent the best in UK Telephony?!?


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