Hi all,

Lately I’ve been thinking about the perceived barriers to adopting VoIP within a business or your business and wondered if any of these things might help:

  1. No setup costs?
  2. Free IP phone?
  3. Free weekend calls?
  4. Call bundles (phones and minutes)?
  5. Free 60 day trial with some call credit much like KashFlow offer with 60-day trial which I know works really well for them (we use their platform and APIs.
  6. Free online training, webinars or support videos
  7. A custom consultation process?
  8. Anything else I’ve not thought of that isn’t specific to your business


I’d love your feedback on what would be important to you?




Interesting discussion over at the KashFlow Business Forum and my reply to indizine’s post:

Hi indizine,

I’ve very much appreciate your detailed reply. I’m trying to see how we would compare against all this. What was your cut off for

new to the game 


The SureVoIP website was launched in Nov 2010, but the actual services have been running since 2009 andSuretec have been doing VoIP consultancy since 2006 and Suretec is 8 years old. Not sure what you would look at there?

All the SureVoIP products and services are only 1 month contracts so can be upgraded/swapped very easily.

Ah, so I can see that Google reach and have the supplier listed and discussed in other places is very powerful. I’ve spent a lot of time making sure we are compliant, provide all the best services and in the first 6 months we became a Best Business ITSP (SME) Finalist in The ITSPA 2011 Awards and have the ITSPA Quality mark, but I get your point.

Oh, that’s not good for the VoIP provider’s lines to drop out when you call them! I have been thinking of adding a “What to expect” or a “Signup process works as follows” type flow chart.

The aim wasn’t to mask anything as I’d mistakenly assumed quality, confidence in our setup, respectability were all a given but obviously seeing this elsewhere rather than just on the SureVoIP website is a must!



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