Ofcom launch UK’s first interactive map of fixed broadband which is great for VoIP

Ofcom has today launched the UK’s first interactive map of fixed broadband, using actual data provided by communications providers about the UK’s broadband infrastructure. This is excellent for customers wishing to check if their connection will suitable for using Business VoIP services and how many calls they can make over it. The map, available at http://maps.ofcom.org.uk/broadband/, was compiled using … Continued

Did the UK Cloud Alliance contact ITSPA?

Just come across this Cloud Industry Forum rains on UK Cloud Alliance’s parade: Fifteen UK-based technology firms and service providers have come together to launch the UK Cloud Alliance in an attempt to help businesses looking to procure cloud services. However, the move has been heavily criticized by the Cloud Industry Forum. “Apparently a rigorous process was … Continued

What would help you to look at VoIP for your business?

Hi all, Lately I’ve been thinking about the perceived barriers to adopting VoIP within a business or your business and wondered if any of these things might help: No setup costs? Free IP phone? Free weekend calls? Call bundles (phones and minutes)? Free 60 day trial with some call credit much like KashFlow offer with … Continued