<a href="/blog/2011/06/28/today-ive-forgotten-my-mobile-what-are-my-options-using-surevoip">Today I’ve forgotten my mobile, what are my options using SureVoIP?</a>

Hi all, Gavin here (owner of SureVoIP). Today I’ve made the classic mistake of leaving home with out my mobile (I use an Android smartphone). I feel totally naked! What are my options then? Turn around and get it, but be late for a meeting with our PR company Buy a new Pay As You … Continued

SureVoIP now has Google Sitelinks!

At long last SureVoIP and its owner Suretec have Google Sitelinks. Our SEO must be working and our popularity increasing: Here’s some tips how you can get Google Sitelinks. Thanks, Gavin.

ITSPA Summer Forum

We will be at the ITSPA Summer Forum on the 30th June at the Cisco London offices taking part in discussions which focus on: CPE Developments (including a Cisco presentation) A regulatory update from Preiskel & Co VoIP security A market analysis, halfway into 2011   We will provide feedback, pics and updates via the … Continued